Voting is to be conducted online and will be open for two months.

You cannot vote for yourself and if you do not vote within this timeframe, you will forfeit your vote. 

As an incentive to encourage members to network, work together and help each other, every member is entitled to ONE vote per year to elect ONE member they feel has helped them the most.

This is to encourage members to work together to help each other. The more members that you can connect with, assist, support, do business with, share information, the more likely they will vote for you. Every member will have the opportunity to become a Millionaire just by networking with liked minded people who all want to work together to help each other. By connecting with members, offering support, sharing information and conducting business.

Voting will begin 12 months after we have launched and we have secured ONE million members. If it takes longer than 12 months to secure ONE million members, the vote will be delayed until this has been achieved. Voting in subsequent years will follow the same format. 

Every member will state their case on their membership profile and blog by saying why they should receive your vote. It could be to promote a business idea or to showcase the great work you are currently doing. The more members you can connect with and share information, advice, support and resources the greater your chance of receiving their vote. 

Once you become a Millionaire, you can no longer receive Votes. However you are still entitled to ONE vote per year. By working together and helping each other we can create a global online network of ONE million Millionaires.

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