What is the true value of your business?

Consider not only your immediate short term needs but also your long term hopes; and in that process very carefully consider the value of the customer / client.

Every business, every product line, every service organisation even if it is distanced from the ultimate consumer by a chain distribution, is still dependent on an actual consumer for its lasting success.

The greatest asset a business can ever posses is a known list of satisfied, loyal customers.

Now let's take big business. When you buy a new car or a new stereo or a new appliance you are separated from that product's manufacturer by a chain of distribution that includes manufacturer's representatives, wholesalers, warehouse operators, and the store or the dealer.

Yet you probably filled out a warranty registration card and mailed it to the manufacturer.

Why is that done?

One reason is so that the manufacturer can find out who its customer is. Some manufacturers then use these lists to market. Others just accumulate the data unsure of what to do with it, but at least they've got a customer list.

As you establish marketing objectives and strategies for your business I urge you to carefully consider the value of the customer.

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