Our mission is to create a global online network of ONE million Millionaires.

Every year we create at least FIFTY Millionaires, just by working together to help each other.

Every member will have the opportunity to become a Millionaire just by networking with liked minded people who all want to work together to help each other. By connecting with members, offering support, sharing information, conducting business, you can gain their vote. This encourages all members to help each other.

But how can networking help you become a Millionaire?

Networking is a very precise science based purely on numbers. You need 1,000 people in your network for each £100,000 you wish to earn each year. If you want to be a Millionaire, then yes, you will need 10,000 people in your network!

In other words each person you know is worth £100 per annum to you either directly or indirectly. Remember the money is in the links not the nodes. The value of nodes (close contacts) is that they lead you to links (distant contacts). The money, your money, resides in the distant contacts not the close contacts. Very few people recognise this fact and continue to focus on their close contacts for money. This is wrong.

Close contacts for knowledge, distant contacts for money is the rule.

We are not talking about network marketing here and we certainly are not talking about selling Amway washing powder. We are talking about people networking, we are talking about connecting with people and listening to and learning from what they say. 

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