Membership is strictly limited to ONE Million.

Our mission is to create a global online network of ONE million Millionaires.

We offer a membership service for business owners and entrepreneurs in return for a yearly subscription. It's in our best interest to support and help you as one of our valued members.

The membership fee for the first 100,000 members is only £2.99.

This is to reward and encourage members to join early.

The membership fee will increase every 100,000 members.

Once we reach 500,000 members the membership fee will be £100 until we reach 1,000,000 members.

This is on a first come first serve basis.

As a SPECIAL GIFT, you will also receive an electronic copy of THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill.

Every member will have the opportunity to become a Millionaire just by networking with liked minded people who all want to work together to help each other. By connecting with members, offering support, sharing information and conducting business.

As an incentive to encourage members to network, work together and help each other, every member is entitled to ONE vote per year to elect ONE member they feel has helped them the most. The top FIFTY members who receive the most votes each year will receive £1,000,000.00 each. This is to encourage members to work together to help each other.

The more members that you can connect with, assist, support, do business with, share information, the more likely they will vote for you.

Our website offers you a range of member's benefits from blogs, support, articles and message forums for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to help each other become Millionaires.

We are looking for aspiring Millionaires who want to help each other by working together.

We live in a world where everyone seeks knowledge, contacts and deals. 

This is the new economy; this is the knowledge based economy.

However it is certainly true that knowledge is the new money. Knowledge is thus what you need to gather, exchange and trade in order to get money. Knowledge comes from people, books, websites, events, networking, reading, listening, observing, asking questions, pondering, debating, perusing and sharing. Knowledge also comes from spending time with your friends and family.

The most powerful knowledge comes from listening to people. So you need to focus your mind on meeting 1000s of people and listening (very) carefully to them.

How do you connect with members?

It's quite simple, you e-mail, write, private message, call and say "May I come and see you please?" or “Can we arrange a Skype Conference please?” Remember every member wants to help each other by working together.

The key is what knowledge can you bring to them? New knowledge that they don't know or had never considered. Thus you bring and give value, if you don’t no-one would be interested in seeing or listening to you.

In other words those who give, receive.

This is the new economy, face up to it, it isn't going away, it's simply going to grow, so if you want to become a Millionaire, get used to connecting with members to gather your knowledge (money).

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