Membership is by invitation only and limited to ONE million members worldwide.

We are a global private business network for BUSINESS OWNERS and ENTREPRENEURS who want to work together to help each other become Millionaires.

We offer a membership service for business owners and entrepreneurs in return for a yearly subscription. It's in our best interest to support and help you as one of our valued members.

As a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER your membership fee is only £2.99 for 12 months. As our membership grows this fee will increase so that members who join early are rewarded.

In addition, as a SPECIAL GIFT, you will also receive an electronic copy of THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill.

Every member will have the opportunity to become a Millionaire just by networking with liked minded people who all want to work together to help each other. By connecting with members, offering support, sharing information and conducting business.

As an incentive to encourage members to network, work together and help each other, every member is entitled to ONE vote per year to elect ONE member they feel has helped them the most. The top FIFTY members who receive the most votes each year will receive £1,000,000.00. This is to encourage members to work together to help each other.

The more members that you can connect with, assist, support, do business with, share information, the more likely they will vote for you.

When you become a Millionaire, you will become a lifetime paid member and are expected to assist and help other members become Millionaires.   You can assist members by: conducting business, joint ventures, angel investing (or venture capital), giving referrals or through mentoring and ongoing support.

Can networking really make me a Millionaire?

Every £1.00 you invest in networking generates £5.00 in income for you.

Networking is not selling and selling is not networking. Selling is about transactions. Networking is about knowledge. These are different concepts do not confuse them or you will neither network nor sell effectively. 

Selling is about closing and cutting a deal. Networking is about opening and gathering information. You can clearly see how different selling is from networking.

In the new economy knowledge is money and people are knowledge, thus people are money. If you play that forward then the winner of the knowledge game is the one with the most people in their network.

Put finer: "The winner of the game is the one with all the names". 

Think about that for a moment. Ponder. Absorb. Take a deep breath. 

"The winner of the game is the one with all the names".

Do you want to be a member? Tell us why you think you would be a great asset.