Sam Walton and Donald Trump

One of the most important characteristics of the truly successful entrepreneur is the ability to handle crisis.

In order to really understand this, you need to study people who not only handle crisis, but are able to handle crisis where the recovery can take place in the blink of an eye.

The next step we can do then is when we are certain we've identified someone or some series of people with a common characteristic that can turn us to success we can emulate them. We can make a point. And there's a difference between emulate and copy. We can emulate them. We can model our self after their performance of that particular characteristic.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish this is by identifying principles as a result of our study.  

What's the principle behind those people?  

Years ago on the Forbes 400 there were two highly successful people on that list who in most personal style - mannerisms and probably in much of their philosophy are as far apart as the front of the room and the back of the room.

They were Sam Walton and Donald Trump.   

Isn't it strange how different they are?

One commonality they obviously have is they both have an awful lot of money. They have tremendous ability to get things done...don't they? That they have in common.

But look at the differences in style. Walton in his old pickup truck. Donald Trump with a different limousine to drive him around every day and a helicopter with his name on it. Walton with the same old, dumpy office building that they had when they opened their first store in Bentonville. Trump with the edifices and the palaces.

Tremendous difference in style isn't there?  

So you can't copy their style. You can't emulate their style because who's do you pick? Who's right? Is Walton right and Trump wrong? Is Trump right and Walton wrong?  No, they are both right for each other and for certain people their styles are right. So you have to go beyond the surface style and find the principles that they both practice that you can identify and then emulate.

There is one principal that they both practice however that I would like to point out to you in just a couple of days in your next Successful Marketing Strategy Blog.