My business is local - I don't need a website.

Website Myth # 9

So why would local customers look for your business' website? A large, and increasing number of people have completely replaced traditional finder services such as the Yellow Pages with the internet. Even if a business is next door, many people will still use the internet as the first resource for finding information such as:

-  opening hours;

-  additional information about your products and/or services;

-  exact location and directions;

-  contact information such as phone number, email; and

-  pricing information and available stock.

In short – the internet is not going to get any smaller, in fact its rate of increase in size is dramatic. Percentage of population online: 2009 - New Zealand – 83.4%; Australia – 71.8%; UK - 83.2 %.

Businesses not using this essential resource will find themselves more and more excluded from the modern economy.