Learning from other peoples mistakes

In my previous blog, I illustrated some specific examples about some truly exceptional companies and how you can prosper from them.

But I'd like to tell you about one other approach. It's really a rather simple concept and won't take me too long to explain, but I caution you not to miss the important strategy that I'm about to reveal.

I've often said that everyone on Earth is here for a purpose, even if only to serve as a poor example. If you had no successful example to emulate, you could observe the bad examples and do the opposite. In terms of marketing strategies that's a pretty good approach.

Here's how to start profiting from all the things that businesses do to you that are irritating. Identify each behavior that is irritating and then ask yourself what would the possible equivalent of that irritating behavior be in your own business. Next, find ways to correct them!

One result of you continuing to receive all of the Successful Marketing Strategies that we will be talking about in future blogs should be the development of a clear, interlocking structure of goals and values to govern your marketing efforts.

Another result should be greater emphasis on building and preserving the value of the customer.

In my next blog, I'm going to talk about a subject very near and dear to me... innovative thinking. Perhaps even more important is how it impacts your marketing.

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