Are you an innovative thinker?

When clients retain me as a consultant they're actually paying for two basic things, experience and innovation.

Experience can be gained in only two ways, through your own situations or by reading and hearing about other situations.

Innovation though, is a method of thinking. With the next couple of blogs I want to try and help you be a more innovative thinker in approaching your own marketing situations.

The first thinking that I do when facing most marketing situations is to run through the same fundamental principles of success that govern all aspects of business. One good source of such a check list is the book 'Think and Grow Rich,' by Napoleon Hill, and its thirteen principles based on commonalities discovered in over five hundred super successful business people.

Incidentally, it's worth mentioning that this book is a remarkable success story itself in the publishing industry.

This book was published back in 1937 yet as recently as April of 1996 'Think and Grow Rich' appeared as number six on the non-fiction, best seller book list published in USA Today.

You're going to be hard pressed to find another book, other than the Bible, that has stood the test of time as well. The obvious reason for this is simply that this book works. Its principles are valid.

Of course, most people think creativity and innovation is something that just happens. Somewhere an ad agency has a group of creative types in weird clothes with beards locked away in a room, waiting for inspiration.

Actually creativity and innovation is a systematic process of checking off possibilities. To be a marketing innovator you should build yourself a checklist of basic success ideas and principles, such as those in 'Think and Grow Rich', to review each time you work on an advertising, packaging, marketing or promotion project.

Ideas, like definite purpose - what do we want to

Going the extra mile - how can we give the purchasers

Other similar ideas belong on that checklist.

More to come....

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