Successful marketing strategy

We're still talking about the three aspects that make for a successful marketing strategy and so far, I've identified the first two? the list and the offer.

Of course, the third stepping stone to direct marketing success is the mailing piece itself. If one is the list and two is the offer, then three is what we might call the packaging or the presentation of the offer.

Five ways to craft an effective offer

As I mentioned in my previous blog, a good offer can make all of the difference in the world in the overall results of your direct marketing.

In order to craft these highly effective offers, here are the ingredients that can be used in the thinking that should go into them. 

1.  Something new, as in new products, new services, new prices. 



Is it a spelling mistake, well not exactly. It is an acronym which stands for 'Raise Yourself To Help Mankind'.

While wondering what to write on my first blog entry, I couldn't think of anything better because it rhymes so good with the mission of TheMillionairesNetwork.

continueing education

Its rather odd for a chap who used to prefer not to read has done a complete U turn. Its fascianting how with application of knowledge gained gives you a thirst for more. I have read all sorts of books but mostly from the point of refernce rather than novels. I guess it all starts with the process of self improvement and navel gazing and I must admit I have USANA to thank for that.

Lovely To Meet You!

Hi, this is simply to say a fantastic hello to the group as my way of introducing myself and I am so looking forward to joining a host of like-minded people wanting to help everyone else.

I look forward to connecting with you, sharing knowledge and other information with you too.

Lovely to meet you all!

How to find prospects

Just to refresh your memory, in my last blog I was talking about direct marketing and specifically, why direct mail is still one of the best value there is to reach your customers and prospects.

I also identified that there were three aspects of success in direct marketing advertising. Now let's spend some time and discuss each of them.

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Hi Fox, If you read my former post, you probably know by now that I like to follow in the footstep of highly successful people. Well, one way to do it is to dedicate your life for studying the success of others - interview them, search for patterns, study and experiment their suggestions etc.And after 25 years of hard research you will have the answer...

Well, there is a shortcut...

How To Become A Millionaire

How To Become A Millionaire?

Hi Fox, This is probably the question that everybody in this community is asking himself. I know I did...

But instead of guessing the answer, and finding some 20 years later that I was wrong. I did something else - I cheated! :) I went to see what the richest people have done at the past and are doing now and copied that to my strategy.