How to stimulate more business part 3

Let's pick up with going down our list of seven strategies that can help you stimulate new business, increase business from existent customers and build repeat business.

Let me remind you that you may not be able to use all of them in your business, but you can certainly use some of them.

In your last two Successful Marketing Strategy blogs, I spoke about the first five

Working together

Working together is a critical success factor to becoming a Millionaire.

By connecting with liked minded people who all want to be Millionaires you are helping each other just by working together. If everyone does this, then it’s easy to see how we can all succeed.

Why do I need to network?

The reason is quite simple, networking works!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a global online network of ONE million Millionaires.

Every year we create at least FIFTY Millionaires, just by working together to help each other.

Yes you can call list

In my previous blog we talked about how you can use the telephone as a marketing tool.

I also mentioned that many businesses don't like using this tool or because of the DO NOT CALL LIST, they think they can no longer use it. And in many applications that is correct.

The key to telemarketing success

In my last blog we were talking about the effective use of the telephone as a marketing tool for just about any business.

Now I would like to give you some basic guidelines and tips you'll want to keep in mind when using the telephone to grow your business. 

First - the real key to effective telephone marketing is structure and organisation. Winging it is a real bad idea. 

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What to do when your customers complain

In my previous blog I identified the fact that every business, no matter how well managed, will have to deal with dissatisfied even angry customers from time to time.

Sometimes the customer is justified in his/her complaints other times he/she is not, but the handling of the dissatisfied customer can have far reaching impact on a business. 

Looks DO matter

In my last blog I wrote about the importance of environmental appearance as it relates to first impressions. A related matter is the personal appearance of the people your customers will deal with. 

What does your customer see?

In my previous blogs, I wrote about the importance of customer or client relations. I explained my belief that each customer you can acquire has tremendous long term value and that most businesses fail to understand and work to preserve this value. 

Now, here are some customer relations tips I urge you to consider for your business: 

What makes prospects buy?

I've talked about headlines, subheads and photo captions, the critical attention getting and interest building components of advertising supported by good, effective copy, along with the fourteen tips that go into writing effective copy.

Now let's switch gears and talk about what I believe is the single most important device that gets your customers or prospects to buy... the call to action!

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